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Max Out Mindset provides world-class elite mindset training to empower coaches, athletes, leaders, and teams to reach their full potential. We want to give clarity to the process of training mindset to help coaches, athletes, leaders, and teams to reach their full potential. When collaborating with teams, we also work relentlessly on culture and chemistry to help get a team to develop Ultimate Trust.

Teams and athletes tell say that the sport of volleyball is anywhere from 30% to 70% mental under normal situations. They also acknowledge that most volleyball players don’t train their minds nearly enough.

“Our goal is for you to get your mind and body in sync and to be able to execute what you’ve trained to do. I fully believe we can train mentally for the biggest of moments like we do for any physical skill. Because I always say if you can’t do it when it matters, what’s the point? The best teams I’ve been around have learned to accept their roles, build deeper relationships, and grow from adversity. They learn to handle pressure and turn it into a privilege.” – Dr. Larry Widman


Dr. Larry Widman | High Performance Psychiatrist | Elite Mindset Coach 

Doc has over 25 years of experience as a psychiatrist and nearly 20 years working as a high-performance mindset coach. He has written several books around the Max Out Mindset way. Doc works with professional athletes, Olympians, and elite level college and high school athletes as well. He works with multiple NCAA, NAIA and top high school programs throughout the country. Doc has been an integral part of six Division I National Championships, dozens of State Championships and hundreds of teams that have maxed out when it mattered the most. 


Coach Jess Knecht | Elite Mindset Coach

Coach Jess serves as an Elite Mindset Coach to D1, high school and club athletes. She trains elite mindset skills, such as confidence and composure. Her extensive background as a personal trainer and high-level coach provides her with invaluable experience and expertise in this area. Jess' coaching style is rooted in positive psychology principles and a strong emphasis on mentorship, enabling her athletes to achieve their athletic goals and develop as individuals.


Max Out Mindset serves as the Elite Mindset performance team at RVA. We empower the coaches to Prepare Your Mind and Team for Battle. Develop a Collective Elite Mindset and Max out Your Team.


Here is a sample of some of the training our athletes and parents will experience with Max Out Mindset At RVA:



If an individual or team wants to be elite, there has to be a solid foundation built. High performers quickly acknowledge the importance that mindset plays in becoming elite in any endeavor, yet most admit that they don’t spend sufficient time working on their mental game. We combine the science with personal expertise forged over 20 years of working with the best in the world to teach you the power of the space, positive psychology and the four legs of elite performance. These will help the athlete, coaches and team be in the best position to max out when it matters the most.


From high school and college sports to the Olympic and professional levels, one of the key separators in performance is the development of an elite mindset amongst members of the team. This seminar will focus on the four high-performance mental skills and mindfulness, which are the building blocks of an elite mindset. We will teach how to use these building blocks to train the 4 C’s of an elite mindset: Commitment, Confidence, Concentration & Composure.


We have three goals for every team: No regrets, putting yourselves in a position to max out when it matters the most, and not wanting to take off your jerseys when the season is over. In this seminar, we share our insights- about the key ingredients of championship teams and the key characteristics of elite leaders/coaches as well. Teams that get to “Ultimate Trust” share two common characteristics: Role acceptance and building deeper relationships. In my experience, these are the teams that are in the best position to max out when it matters the most.


Weekly videos and training for coaches/teams throughout the year to review a key concept corresponding with the Max Out Mindset for Volleyball book, with a short video validation and a team exercise. Together, teams will complete the Max Out Mindset for Volleyball workbook that corresponds to the weekly video series chapter.

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